Response to crisis: Maximizing telecoms contributions to the economic recovery in the Federation of BiH (FBIH)

Monday, October 19, 2020

Since BH governments are seeking for broader international financial assistance to mitigate economic and social consequences of the recession and to support fast recovery, we expect that the reform of State-Owned Enterprises sector will return to the policy agenda very soon. This priority area was an important element of both the Reform Agenda and previous programs with the IMF and the World Bank, and the progress in reforming the sector has been rather limited since then. Therefore, the need for timely and evidence-based policy decisions for maximizing contributions of state-owned telecoms to the recovery is evident. 

CPU advocates for the broader debate about this topic, which is rather limited today, to support the processes and related decisions. This debate should bring closer divided opinions about ways to maximize contributions of those important assets to the economy and the society as whole. More precisely, we should look into market developments, telecoms’ performances, and business models to address following questions:

  • How to improve the quality and affordability of services?
  • What is an optimal / expected contribution of telecoms to productivity gains and digital economy development?
  • What are expected financial and fiscal implications/benefits to the economy and citizens of telecom operations in FBiH?
  • What are necessary deregulations to support effective sector development?

Publication provides a rationale for addressing this topic, and as such it intends to contribute to further experts debate about the future of main telecoms in FBiH in the light of ongoing economic crises and expected recovery.

The analysis can be downloaded HERE or on our ISSUU channel.

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